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I have a problem with my custom view that contains an edittext and a spinner. I have added a "next"-button using IMEoptions. Depending on the spinner, the edittext keyboard should contain either a "next" or a "done" key.

At the moment I solve this using:

public void onItemSelected(AdapterView<?> adapterView, View view, int position, long id) {
    final Object item = adapterView.getItemAtPosition(position);
    if (item.equals(getString(STRING1))) {
    } else if(item.equals(getString(STRING2)){
     //This updates the edittext but is very much an ugly hack. 
     //Is there another way to update this? invalidate() and forceLayout() 
     //does not do the trick
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Alternate solution.


As described here: change the keyboard layout after a button click

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