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I have a model called "event" that has a scope named "upcoming" wich returns events that are dated in the future. In the rails console, whenever I type


It returns the subset of events successfully. However if I type:

@events = Event.all

I get an undefined method 'upcoming' error. Are scopes only working on the class and not on instantiated variables? Thanks in advance. Yohann

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Once you call .all, @events is no longer an ActiveRelation, hence you cannot call a scope on it.

So, Event.where(SOME CONDITIONS).order(ORDERING).upcoming.limit(X) would still work, but Event.where(SOME CONDITIONS).order(ORDERING).all.upcoming.limit(X) would not work.

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excellent! That solved my problems, thank you! Also just to append to what you said. any methods such as Event.find_all_xxx() break the ActiveRelation, hence scope won't work – Yohann T. May 2 '12 at 13:01

You can use scoped instead of all to get an active relation object that will allow you to chain scopes on the variable after it's been set:

@events = Event.scoped
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great help, thx Beerlington. I had to give the "correct" answer mark to @zsquare though because he has the explanation on why it is happening. Thx again! – Yohann T. May 2 '12 at 13:01

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