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Please have a look at www.mediawiki.org using Chrome and try increasing/decreasing the page zoom (Ctrl + +/-).

Can anyone give any pointers on how to implement such animated zoom handling? I've noticed it doesn't work in all browsers.


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As far as i know this zooming is a browser property and nothing to do with a particular site. Try any website and this effect will be there. Also in my knowledge this works in all browsers –  anu May 2 '12 at 12:00

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check css transition property

here's some code from MediaWIKI website that made it possible:

div#mw-panel div.portal div.body,div#mw-panel div.portal h5 {
    transition:padding-left 250ms;
    -moz-transition:padding-left 250ms;
    -webkit-transition:padding-left 250ms;
    -o-transition:padding-left 250ms;
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Excellent! Thank you –  o01 May 2 '12 at 12:25

I am not sure but I think you can achieve the same by creating the website in em or % format and just animate the parent container width and font property... all the child element will automatically animate...

For example... you have font-size of 1em on body element all the child element also have the font-size related to the body container font-size in em format. when you increase or decrease the font-size of body element the child elements will also increase and decrease its font-size and when you animate the body font-size the child element will also animate their font-sizes...

(This is my Idea may be this helps)...

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As anu said, it's handled by the browser, but you make it possible on a site by using percentages and/or ems for things like widths on fonts and margins.

EDIT I didn't look at it in Chrome (even though you said we should), and therefore missed the animations (doh!). Apologies.

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Ah the downvoter who refuses to say why. –  Ian Devlin Jun 20 '12 at 7:22

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