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I am trying to get my head around the redis/nosql way or designing database but I need some advice. I have the following model:

User {
    long UserId
    string Username 
    string Password
    List<long> ActivityIds 

Activity {
    long ActivityId
    long UserId
    long CourseId
    string Name
    string Description

I understand that the best way to store a list of activities associated with the user is to store a list of ids. A user can potentially have 500+ activities associated so I don't really want to load every activity every time I load the user to display a list of them.

Is it possible in redis and more specifically ServiceStack.Redis to select by a foreign key? For example select all activities by UserId & CourseId at the same time? Or am I miss understanding the best way to work with redis?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Note: You should be using Id properties for primary keys on models.

Please also read this answer for different ways of maintaining relationships in Redis with the ServiceStack C# client:

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