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How to get a component like minute from ISODate stored in MongoCollection?

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Since you don't specify a language, I'm going to assume you mean JavaScript, as in the shell.

One of the nice features of the shell is it has tab completion. So you can do something like this:

> db.test.insert({x:new Date()});
> var doc = db.test.findOne();
> doc
"_id" : ObjectId("4fa131851932655dc45027a9"),
"x" : ISODate("2012-05-02T13:07:17.012Z")
> doc.x
> doc.x.<TAB><TAB>
doc.x.constructor            doc.x.getSeconds(            doc.x.getUTCMinutes( doc.x.setHours(              doc.x.setUTCHours(           doc.x.toLocaleDateString(
doc.x.getDate(               doc.x.getTime(               doc.x.getUTCMonth(           doc.x.setMilliseconds(       doc.x.setUTCMilliseconds(    doc.x.toLocaleString(
doc.x.getDay(                doc.x.getTimezoneOffset(     doc.x.getUTCSeconds(         doc.x.setMinutes(            doc.x.setUTCMinutes(         doc.x.toLocaleTimeString(
doc.x.getFullYear(           doc.x.getUTCDate(            doc.x.getYear(               doc.x.setMonth(              doc.x.setUTCMonth(           doc.x.toString(
doc.x.getHours(              doc.x.getUTCDay(             doc.x.hasOwnProperty(        doc.x.setSeconds(            doc.x.setUTCSeconds(         doc.x.toTimeString(
doc.x.getMilliseconds(       doc.x.getUTCFullYear(        doc.x.propertyIsEnumerable(  doc.x.setTime(               doc.x.setYear(               doc.x.toUTCString(
doc.x.getMinutes(            doc.x.getUTCHours(           doc.x.setDate(               doc.x.setUTCDate(            doc.x.toDateString(          doc.x.tojson(
doc.x.getMonth(              doc.x.getUTCMilliseconds(    doc.x.setFullYear(           doc.x.setUTCFullYear(        doc.x.toGMTString(           doc.x.valueOf(

What you want is probably:

> doc.x.getSeconds();
> doc.x.getMinutes();
> doc.x.getHours();
> doc.x.getDate();
> doc.x.getMonth();
> doc.x.getFullYear();
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why ´doc.x.getMonth();´ returns 4 instead of 5. – Moj Feb 10 '14 at 13:20
Probably because MongoDB uses zero based indexes (starts counting at 0 instead of 1) – DJ van Wyk Aug 12 '14 at 10:37
getMonth() is javascript function. It starts from 0. See this – okisinch Feb 12 at 9:28

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