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I'm trying to draw a SVG File. So far I've tried using an Image tag and a WebView with the svg itself or an object / embed tag. Nothing so far seems to help, and all the dll's I've found so far need .NET.

Examples of what I've tried so far (note: Paths have all been tried with or without ms-appx:///, note2: using img tag in webview for non-svg types hasn't worked either)


webView.NavigateToString("<embed src='circle1.svg' type='image/svg+xml' />");
webView.NavigateToString("<object data='circle1.svg' type='image/svg+xml' />");


<Image Source='circle1.svg'>
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I am not sure if you can include external images this way, have you tried with other image formats? Have you tried using an absolute path? I would also consider using the data tag as image source instead of an external file.

Example (from wikipedia):

alt="Red dot">

Additionally, there is project in codeplex called xamltune that can convert a svg file into an xaml file. Maybe you can insert the output xaml code in your application instead of using a WebView.

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Good ideas, and luckily we could change the image format. The converter wouldn't have worked because it was data obtained at runtime. Thanks for your help anyway. –  SBoss May 3 '12 at 11:06

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