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If you run a hadoop flume node, as default it generates logs under /var/log/flume using log4j. The files will look like


According to the flume user guide here, the only way to change the flume log configuration is via flume-daemon.sh which runs flume node using the Flume Environment Variables like:


The questions are:

  1. if I want to change the log level from INFO to DEBUG, this is the only place to do it?
  2. Is there a configuration somewhere I can do this?
  3. what about I want to set some packages' log level to DEBUG while others stay INFO?
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Check if the log4j.properties or log* related files exist to set the variables -- which will also allow you to check and have some components of the logging part do excessive/DEBUG while other do INFO.

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Noticed that under /etc/flume/conf.empty, there is a log4j.properties. Copied it to /etc/flume/conf, restart the flume node service, the log4j.properties file starts taking effect.

The overriding order is like flume-env.sh->flume-daemon.sh->log4j.properties.

eg. if you set up your flume_root_logger to DEBUG in flue-daemon.sh, it will override whatever setting you have for root_logger in your log4j.properties.

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