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I wanted to add a line after every 3 lines in a file (having about 1000 lines) using vim editor. Can someone help me out?

Thanks, Alisha

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there is a vim-specific regular expression to do that

  • %s is vim ex command to substitute in the whole file
  • .*\n is a line including the end of line
  • \0 is the entire matched expression
  • \r vim way to say add a new line (not \n as one would expect)

Edit: if you want anything else than a new line, just put the text in front of the \r (properly regex escaped, if it contains some regex characters)

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vim also has \{n\} that matches n occurances of a pattern. For example I used this to insert the word 'GO' on every 100th line (as typing .*\n 100 times gets tedious): %s/\(.*\n\)\{100\}/\0GO\r/g. Or by enabling very magic mode (\v) within the regex, it becomes a bit simpler to read: %s/\v(.*\n){100}/\0GO\r/ – Chris J Jul 16 '13 at 13:02

You can use a macro. The complete process looks like:

qq     " start recording to register q (you could use any register from a to z)
o      " insert an empty line below cursor
<Esc>  " switch to normal mode
jjj    " move the cursor 3 lines downward
q      " stop recording

Then just move to the start line and type 1000@q to execute your macro 1000 times.

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The final command would look like qqoThis is the line to add<ESC>jjjq and probably 333@q (1000 / 3 = 333) – Sam Brinck May 2 '12 at 14:10
@Sam Vim will stop running the macro as soon as it hits end of file anyway. – eugene y May 2 '12 at 19:36

I would do this:


this works if your requirement changed to " *add a new blank line every 700 line*s" :) you just change the "4"

P.S. if I need do this, I won't do it in vim. sed, awk, could do it much simpler.

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Can you explain to me what each cmd stands for? – Alisha May 3 '12 at 4:53
" insert a blank line every 3 lines


: .............. command
% .............. all file
s .............. replace
/ .............. start pattern that we will replace
\v ............. very magic mode, see :h very-magic
(.*\n) ......... everything including the line break
{5} ............ quantifier 
/ .............. start new patter to replace
& .............. corresponds to the pattern sought in (.*\n)
\r ............. add line break


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