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I have a problem with joining tables into one huge table so that all colums are accessible without nested FORs or using relations in them. Situation is like this:

id_producer (PK)
id_model (PK)

id_model (PK)
language (PK)

Tables share 1 key: id_model

I want to join these tables like this:

FROM cars c
JOIN texts t ON c.id_model = t.id_model
WHERE t.language = 'english'

.. it will return 1 row for each car.

SQL is easy, Yii is not :(

I tried to do it usinq scope or relation, but never got desired output. I want to write following:

$carsWithTexts = Cars::model()-> ... something ... ->findAll()

foreach ($carsWithTexts as $c)
    echo $c->id_producer;
    echo $c->id_model;
    echo $c->id_text;

.. No nested FORs, no relations or scopes in the FOR.

Is this possible? Or do i have to always use following construction:

$carsWithTexts = Cars::model()-> ... relation ... ->findAll()

foreach ($carsWithTexts as $c)
    echo $c->id_producer;
    echo $c->id_model;
    echo $c->relation[0]["id_text"]; // or nested for

I know I can use commands "with" and "together", I did, but it didnt work as I want.

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Yii is not difficult, you just need to read the documentation and apply their examples, what you wanna do can be done like this:

I'll asume you have generated the code using Gii, so the relation name (you can check it at Car class) will be texts. Now you have two approachs to do it, the easy way:

Cars::model()->with('texts')->findAll("texts.language = 'english'");

This will return all cars with its text information, where the text has english language. I recommend you to read Relational Active Record from the official guide to learn more about this.

And the other approach is to use CDbCommand to execute an SQL command like this:

$connection=Yii::app()->db;   // assuming you have configured a "db" connection
$command->join('texts', 't.id_model = texts.id_model');
$command->where('texts.language=:language', array(':id'=>'english'));

This way is more SQL friendly but as you can see there are a lot of more PHP lines.

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Hi.That's exactly how I did it, but still there is the nested array in returned result. To get texts I need to loap through the result (it's OK) but in each record there is another array with texts. So I have to write this: "$car->texts[0]->text" to get the text. Is it because of the relation type "HAS_MANY"? –  Racky May 3 '12 at 5:02
PS: I would love to write only "$car->text" = the "text" column would be added (and accessible) as a column to the cars table using JOIN. –  Racky May 3 '12 at 5:08
PS2: Even if I use CdbCriteria and specify sections JOIN and CONDITION, I never get the desired form of result = everything on 1 row. (Even if relation is not used!) –  Racky May 3 '12 at 5:29
Finaly I did it using a pure SQL query as you mentioned: "$connection = Yii::app()->db; $command = $connection->createCommand($sql); $results = $command->queryAll();" –  Racky May 3 '12 at 8:39
I'm glad it worked :) try to learn Yii relationships.It will help your life a lot. –  Skatox May 3 '12 at 13:54

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