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I'd like to build a spider tool using which I can run it against a website root url then it should find all the broken and healthy links (images, css, .aspx, .docs) by specifing the degree of parsing e.g. 2 levels.

Then at the end it should generate a map of the result either in Xml or in DataTables

Is there any ready third party or free tool that I can reuse in my .NET application?

Many thanks,

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I've used the Chilkat ASP.Net Spider component before. It allows you to specify the number of levels to crawl, and allows you to set up exclusions etc.

It won't generate a map for you automatically (or at least the version I worked with didn't), but logging the results to either a database or XML should be fairly easy. Details on the component can be found here, and you can download the component for free from here

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