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I'm trying to get the body of a Mail with MailCore but it's always empty. My code is

    CTCore *folder = [[CTCorefolder alloc] initWithPath:@"INBOX" inAccount:account];
for( CTCoreMessage *msg in [folder messageObjectsFromIndex : 0 toIndex:10] ){
   if([msg.subject isEqualToString:@"test")]){
         // no pb here, it find the good Mail
         NSLog(@"Message Body length : %d", msg.body.length);
         // here the length is 0 and the body is : ""

There are other way to get the body, like "msg.HtmlBody" but it is empty too. However on firefox I can see the body which isn't empty. How should I do ?

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You must call fetchBody on each message in order to retrieve it from the server.

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