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i have the following script inside my mvc view:-

function disableform(id) {
    $('#' + id).prop("disabled", true);

But the above function will only disable the elements using internet explorer ,, but will fail to work on chrome or firefox, i also tried to write attr('disabled', 'disabled') instead of .prop("disabled", true);, but it did not solve the problem.

my Jquery version is 1.7.1

So what might be the problem?


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If you put this in that function, what do you get: alert($('#' + id).length) –  Rory McCrossan May 2 '12 at 13:28
Both seem to work just fine in chrome: –  James Montagne May 2 '12 at 13:31

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Disabling a form is wrong! IE is just messing it out! you should disable fields.

function disableform(id) {
    $('#' + id+' :input').prop("disabled",true);


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I run ASP.NET and had this same issue.

I ditched Jquery and went to pure Javascript and it worked great.

    var element = document.getElementById('MyID');
    element.setAttribute('disabled', 'disabled');

Edit: For this to work properly you have to use element.removeAttribute('disabled'); when enabling the element. Otherwise it remains disabled.

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function SwapA(SwapActivation)  {
for (i=1;i==5;i++) {
if (i != SwapActivation) {
    // All Browsers supported .....
    $("input[name=pg1"+i+"]").prop('disabled', true);
    $("input[name=pg2"+i+"]").prop('disabled', true);
else {
    //   JQuery 1.10+ _&&_  Opera 12  and All other browsers...  !!!!
    if ( $("input[name=pg1"+i+"]").prop('disabled') === true)
        $("input[name=pg1"+i+"]").prop('disabled', false);
    if ( $("input[name=pg2"+i+"]").prop('disabled') === true)
        $("input[name=pg2"+i+"]").prop('disabled', false);

    //   works =  JQuery 1.10+ _&&_  Opera 12.16 + Firefox 24;
    //   do not work "Opera 17.0.1241.53", "Chrome" v.30.0.1599.101 m
    //   .removeProp() is affects negative

    //   works possible = JQuery 1.4.x  :

is useful? :)

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