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Could you please elaborate on override function in Perl. Some simple examples will be great to understand.

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Many built-in functions may be overridden, though this should be tried only occasionally and for good reason. Typically this might be done by a package attempting to emulate missing built-in functionality on a non-Unix system.

Overriding may be done only by importing the name from a module at compile time--ordinary predeclaration isn't good enough. However, the use subs pragma lets you, in effect, predeclare subs via the import syntax, and these names may then override built-in ones:


use subs 'chdir', 'chroot', 'chmod', 'chown';
chdir $somewhere;
sub chdir { ... }

Note: all of the above was extracted from the above link

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Thank you. It looks bit clear to me. Thanks for the suggestion. – user419534 May 2 '12 at 17:13

perldoc CORE shows a simple example of how to override the built-in hex function.

   BEGIN {
       *CORE::GLOBAL::hex = sub { 1; };

   print hex("0x50"),"\n";                     # prints 1
   print CORE::hex("0x50"),"\n";               # prints 80
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You can use Sub::Override, but I don't know if it can override native functions.

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