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This is in relation with my recent question...

In this situation I have my DAO and servlet, now I want to pass the date (event_date) as parameter to my query. Where can I do that?

Part of my servlet

 protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
        throws ServletException, IOException {

    SimpleDateFormat df=new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-DD");

    String username = request.getParameter("username");
    String name = request.getParameter("name");
    String dateto = request.getParameter("dateto");        


        List prodlistsearch_array = this.pdtDAO.prodlistsearch(name);
        request.setAttribute("prodlistsearch_array", prodlistsearch_array);

        request.getRequestDispatcher("events_audit.jsp").forward(request, response);
    } catch (SQLException e) {
      throw new ServletException("Cannot retrieve areas", e);

Part of my DAO

public List<pdtBean> prodlistsearch(String name) throws SQLException{
    Connection connection = null;
    PreparedStatement statement = null;
    ResultSet resultSet = null;

    String querystring = "select * from mydb where name = ? and event_date between ? and ?";
    List<pdtBean> prodlistsearch_array = new ArrayList<pdtBean>();

    try {

        connection = database.getConnection();
        statement = connection.prepareStatement(querystring);
                    statement.setString(1, name);

        resultSet = statement.executeQuery();

        while (resultSet.next()) {

            pdtBean prodlistsearcharray = new pdtBean();


    } finally {
        try { resultSet.close(); } catch (SQLException logOrIgnore) {}
        try { statement.close(); } catch (SQLException logOrIgnore) {}
        try { connection.close(); } catch (SQLException logOrIgnore) {}

    return prodlistsearch_array;

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I really hope try { connection.close(); } catch (SQLException logOrIgnore) {} is just a pseudo-code! –  adarshr May 2 '12 at 14:12
may i know why? –  toink May 2 '12 at 15:45

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A very simple workaround is to pass another argument type of java.util.Date to your DAO method. But, I would suggest to create a POJO (A Java Bean with getter and setter in simple terms) and set properties using the parameters received.

Pass the object to DAO method, this will be helpful if you need some more constraints.

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