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So XNA seems to need videos in WMV9 format and I have MP4 files. I found a nice tool called ffmpeg but it only supports wmv8 formats. Does anyone know of any tools that are freely available

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If you are OK to do some programming, not just a tool ready for use out of the box, then Media Foundation sample MFSimpleEncode is perhaps what you are looking for:

MFSimpleEncode.exe - This is a command line tool that transcodes files from one media format to another. The source code is provided to use as a reference if you write your own transcode application. This tool uses the Media Foundation transcode API, which was introduced in Windows 7.

Examples: [...]

  1. Transcode MPEG-4 to ASF: MFSimpleencode.exe –i input.mp4 –o output.wmv –p TranscodeProfileASF.xml
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That's perfect from the looks of it. Only needed to compile it. The asf format is the correct output format –  Real World May 3 '12 at 16:03

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