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I'm working with CoffeeScript in Node and the browser and only want to compile the files meant for the browser.

I have vim set up to compile the file if it has the extension, but that writes a file with the extension .js.js. I can pass arguments into the compile command, but then I need vim to know the file name and then remove the extra .js.

Here is the relevant part of my vimrc file.

au BufWritePost * CoffeeMake! 
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Why not just edit *.coffee files, and have them compiled to *.js using au BufWritePost *.coffee CoffeeMake!? – rampion May 2 '12 at 19:38
I only want to compile some of the files. I don't need to compile any of the files running in Node and don't want to have to manually compile files or remove unneeded files. – David Newell May 3 '12 at 14:18

In general it is not very handy to compile on every save. I would recomend that you use Vim CoffeeScript extension as it will check your syntax on every save. Like this you will have immediate feedback does your code makes sense, testing will require additional step (keep reading) :-)

Another suggestion is to use .coffee for your extension instead It just makes more sense and you will not have .js.js as result.

Back on compilation, when you write decent piece of code you can use cake to compile your .coffee files in .js files so that you can refresh your browser and test. Cakefile is used as configuration which controls in which order your coffee scripts are compiled - quite handy with bigger projects.

It is quite easy to install and setup, invoking cake from vim while you are editing your project is then simply

:!cake build

and you can refresh your browser and see results.

As I'm also busy to learn the best way of structuring the files and use coffee script in combination with backbone and cake, I have created a small project on github to keep it as a reference for myself, maybe it will help you too around cake and some basic things. All compiled files are in www folder so that you can open them in your browser and all source files (except for cake configuration) are in src folder. In this example, all .coffee files are compiled and combined in one output .js file which is then included in html. You can modify cake setup to create multiple .js files if you need that.

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You can use:

  1. guard and guard-coffeescript.
  2. Cake file + filewatcher
  3. 'coffee' command with -w argument
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