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Is there a keyboard shortcut for "Link with editor" feature in Eclipse?

if not, is there any way, where i can map ui elements on eclipse with keyboard shortcuts? (custom plugins/RCP code etc?)

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There is not by default, but you can define this yourself. Go into Preferences -> General -> Keys, and then type "link" into the search box. You want the "Toggle Link with Editor" command. You can then define the key binding by filling in the "Binding" box below.

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Thanks! that's a helpful tip. –  Satish May 2 '12 at 15:54
I define the binding, something like CTRL+SHIFT+O, but it doesn't work :(... (tried other bindings). Any idea why? (I have "In Window" as shortcut context, suing eclipse Luna) –  edbras Jul 11 '14 at 13:59
If you use the latest eclipse press Ctrl + 3 and type 'Keys' to reach the key binding menu. No need to navigate through the menus anymore. Use Cmd+3 for mac. –  nanospeck Jun 3 at 1:15

This question is quite old, but the same was not working for me too. Later I found another SO question and this answer worked perfecty for me.

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