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I'm having difficulty with this problem.

I have a table with this structure:

OrderID | Manager   | Worker      
1       | John      | Sally       
2       | Tim       | Kristy       

I need a SQL query to get a result set like this:

OrderID | Employee       
1       | John           
1       | Sally    
2       | Tim 
2       | Kristy

Is this possible to perform?

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Simplest way I can think of is (assuming you don't care if Tim is listed before or after Kristy):

SELECT OrderID, Employee = Manager FROM dbo.table
SELECT OrderID, Employee = Worker FROM dbo.table

If order matters, and you want manager first always, then:

SELECT OrderID, Employee FROM
  SELECT r = 1, OrderID, Employee = Manager
  FROM dbo.Table
  SELECT r = 2, OrderID, Employee = Worker
  FROM dbo.table
) AS x
ORDER BY OrderID, r;
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Great answer, thank you! – Kevin M. May 2 '12 at 14:56

You can use UNPIVOT for this.

SELECT p.OrderID, p.Employee
FROM (SELECT OrderID, Manager, Worker FROM table) a
UNPIVOT (Employee FOR FieldName IN (Manager, Worker)) p
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Try something like

SELECT OrderID, Manager AS Employee, 'Manager' AS EmployeeRole From Employess
SELECT OrderID, Worker AS Employee, 'Worker' AS EmployeeRole From Employess
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