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In rapidminer what is the meaning of:

    - training cycles
    - learning rate
    - momentum

I'm trying to work with rapidminer but i cant understand this notions. Any help would be apreciated, as newbly as possible.

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This is terminology used in neural nets (and the libraries RapidMiner is using, resp.) , not RapidMiner in particular.

Here is a really short explanation. For more details you have to study neural networks.

A Multi-Layer Perceptron with Backpropagation learns the model (i.e. adjusts the weights/backpropagates the error) in several iteration which are called training cycle. In each iteration the error will be reduced.

The learning rate specifies how much the old weight contributes to the learning in each cycle. A too large rate leads to a bad flexibility of the model and it can yield a local minima. A too small value means that the model will be learnt very slowly. Use a small value and increase it carefully if your learning is to slow.

The momentum is another parameter which determines if you get stuck in a local minima (small value) or not (large value, but with a unstable learning).

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