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I am working on a new version of an app which has already been published on the App Store. The app uses In-App-Purchase to unlock its full version features which works without any problem.

I have tested the new version of my app on my devices a few days ago and the IAP within the App Store sandbox worked without any problem. Know I wanted to run a final test before I submit the new version to the Apple and IAP suddenly stopped working.

I use a SKProductsRequest to request the product data from the App Store. This request is answered in the productsRequest:didReceiveResponse: methode and the ID of my IAP item is listed in the response.invalidProductIdentifiers array.

The current version of the app in the App Store still works without any problem. So how can there be a problem with the product identifier?

At first I thought this might be just a temporal error on Apples server side but the problem is showing up for one day now. The problem is the same on all my devices. The Apple-ID Account on the device makes no difference.

I do not want to submit the new version to Apple as long as the problem is not solved. How can I find out what the actual problem is?

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Once this happened to me too. I read that creating a new test account could solve it, but it didn't work for me. I finally submitted the application with no more testing (it was an update for another thing, so I guessed it should still work, and it did). –  Ricard Pérez del Campo May 2 '12 at 15:10
This may be relevant: stackoverflow.com/questions/6965438/… –  M Katz Jun 25 '12 at 3:34

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