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Possible Duplicate:
Should I include type=“text/javascript” in my SCRIPT tags?
Difference between <script> tag with type and <script> without type?


<script type="text/javascript">
    alert("Hello world!");

And this:

    alert("Hello world!");

seem to accomplish the same thing (at least in chrome, firefox, ie), so, what is the difference? why should I put those extra 25 characters?

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When the HTML 4 specification was written, it was assumed that people would be using a variety of scripting languages (there are examples of VBscript and TCL in the spec). This required that the language used was identified by the author.

It didn't work out that way and JavaScript has well and truly won. The HTML 5 draft makes the attribute optional and JavaScript the default language (which reflects what browsers have assumed for many years).

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They are required according to HTML4 spec but no longer required according to HTML5 spec

I guess the idea was the there would be different types of scripts supported - it never got implemented and has been removed as required in HTML5

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