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I have a facebook app which I'd like to test using Watir. problem is I can't access one of it's divs. the is located within an iframe. I can find it and it even says it's visible. problem is I can't click it (it says it's invisible when trying)

can you please help? I posted my code with a XXX instead of the user name and a different App for facebook.

Thanks alot, Elad.

require "watir-webdriver"

browser  =
browser.goto ""

if browser.text_field(:id => 'pass').exists?
  browser.text_field(:id => 'email').set 'XXXXXXXXX'
  browser.text_field(:id => 'pass').set 'ZZZZZZZ'
  browser.button(:value => 'Log In').click
browser.text_field(:id => 'q').set 'World Of Fun'
browser.send_keys :enter
sleep (2)

browser.goto ",publish_actions"
sleep (2)

if browser.button(:name => 'grant_clicked').exists?
  browser.button(:name => 'grant_clicked').click
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I see nothing in the code you provided that is trying to access a div as you speak of in your title and the text of the question. I see nothing that is trying to specify an iframe as an outer container. Which step in the code you provided is the one that is failing? – Chuck van der Linden May 2 '12 at 17:06
@Devaffair - I would suggest that you cut your code example down to just enough for reproducing the problem. Treat it like a defect, you will get more help. – Dave McNulla May 2 '12 at 21:06

That's because the element you are trying to identify, is not present on that page, try this instead:

  if browser.label(:id => 'grant_clicked').exists?
  browser.label(:id => 'grant_clicked').click

I also noticed that the app is in flash, so Watir will not be able to handle flash elements within it, i'd recommend using AutoIt or Project Sikuli together with Watir-Webdriver.

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