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I'm currently having trouble using facebook like button in html5 version, it seems that everytime the visitor of my wordpress blog liked a blog post, it's not working. It will work for a while but when you refresh it, it goes back to active button which is very strange since the user already liked the blog post.

I also encountered that when i liked my own blog post, it fetched the wrong details. example, i liked the blog post #1 but when i check my facebook, it the fetched image is wrong, the description and title is also wrong.

what is the proper way to add a facebook like button in wordpress blog?

any help?

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have you tried to use the linter to debug it ? do you have the correct opengraph tags implemented. For a like button you should have tags like title, image, link and description. – Nicolas Grenié May 2 '12 at 17:02
thank you, i already tried the linter but i still encoutered the non working facebook like button. thank you for your help, I might try the suggestion below. – Kayeem May 2 '12 at 18:00

I also encountered the same error before. I already tried the linter to debug it but it really doesn't work. Anyway, my simple solution to that is I changed my facebook like code to Iframe version (since html5 give me crap, there's no harm if I use iframe lol). I don't encountered any errors with that. It works perfectly.

about your question on how to add facebook like in your index file or multiple blog posts in wordpress, the link (guide on how to...) might help you. I used that before. It also discusses about twitter tweet, google plus and pinterest pin it button's wordpress implementation.

have a good day!

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