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Is there anyway I can enable or disable column sorting during runtime?

I can remove or add the class that makes sorting possible, and when I remove it the column can't be sorted. But when I restore it the grid sorts that column automatically as if someone had sorted it.

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Providing example code would be helpful to get an answer. – Sam Tyson May 2 '12 at 16:50
Would this work for you? Update the colModel for the grid, changing/adding/removing the sortable and index attributes for the column in question, then reload the grid. – David Gorsline May 2 '12 at 17:45

Yes, you can.

Let's write some context:

//Here you have your grid.
//Here the definition of a colModel
{name:'Name', index:'name', sortable:true, align:'left', required: true, editable:true, edittype:'text'}

And now, when you click on some button you call a function, which is supposed to disable sorting from the column Name. This is what the function should look like.

function disableSorting(){
    jQuery('#myGrid').setColProp('Name', {sortable: false});

Tested and it works :)

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