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Is it possible to do a string substitution/transformation in Puppet using a regular expression?

If $hostname is "web1", I want $hostname_without_number to be "web". The following isn't valid Puppet syntax, but I think I need something like this:

$hostname_without_number = $hostname.gsub(/\d+$/, '')
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Yes, it is possible.

Check the puppet function reference: http://docs.puppetlabs.com/references/2.7.3/function.html

There's a regular expression substitution function built in. It probably calls the same underlying gsub function.

$hostname_without_number = regsubst($hostname, '\d+$', '')

Or if you prefer to actually call out to Ruby, you can use an inline ERB template:

$hostname_without_number = inline_template('<%= hostname.gsub(/\d+$/, "") %>')
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Thanks! I'll use the built-in regsubst() this time, but I'm very glad to know about inline_template as well! That's very flexible. –  richardkmiller May 5 '12 at 17:12

In this page:


it is quite well explained and there is a fantastic trick for testing your regular expressions with irb.

Whith this link and the answer of freiheit I could resolve my problem with substitution of '\' for '/'.

$programfiles_sinbackslash = regsubst($env_programfiles,'\','/','G')

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