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im new to the php API and not really proficient with it at all. can anybody help me figure out why my itemFilter is returning XML rather than actually refining the current result set? i know im missing something but i don't know what that something is.

on top of that i have no idea how to set up the pagination correctly to actually create and display the page links (1 2 3 > >>)

this is currently what i have:

require_once('DisplayUtils.php'); // functions to aid with display of information

error_reporting(E_ALL); // Turn on all errors, warnings and notices for easier debugging

// API request variables
$endpoint  = 'http://svcs.ebay.com/services/search/FindingService/v1'; // URL to call
$version   = '1.11.0'; // API version supported by your application
$appid     = 'MY_APP_ID'; // Replace with your own AppID
$globalid  = 'EBAY-US'; // Global ID of the eBay site you want to search (e.g., EBAY-DE)
$query     = 'golf'; // You may want to supply your own query
$safequery = urlencode($query); // Make the query URL-friendly

// Construct the findItemsByKeywords HTTP GET call
$apicall = "$endpoint?";
$apicall .= "OPERATION-NAME=findItemsAdvanced";
$apicall .= "&SERVICE-VERSION=$version";
$apicall .= "&SECURITY-APPNAME=$appid";
$apicall .= "&GLOBAL-ID=$globalid";
$apicall .= "&keywords=$safequery";
$apicall .= "&paginationInput.entriesPerPage=12";
$apicall .= "&paginationInput.pageNumber=1";
$apicall .= "&categoryId=1513";

// Load the call and capture the document returned by eBay API
$resp = simplexml_load_file($apicall);

// Check to see if the request was successful, else print an error
if ($resp->ack == "Success") {
    $results = '';
    // If the response was loaded, parse it and build links
    foreach ($resp->searchResult->item as $item) {
        $pic   = $item->galleryURL;
        $link  = $item->viewItemURL;
        $title = $item->title;

        // For each SearchResultItem node, build a link and append it to $results
        $results .= "<div id='prod-wrap'><div class='prodimg-wrap' align='center'><img src=\"$pic\" class='prodimg'></div> <div class='prodtxt' align='center'><a href=\"$link\">$title</a></div></div>";
// If the response does not indicate 'Success,' print an error
else {
    $results = "<h3>Oops! The request was not successful. Make sure you are using a valid ";
    $results .= "AppID for the Production environment.</h3>";
<!-- Build the HTML page with values from the call response -->
    <title>eBay Search Results for <?php echo $query; ?></title>
    <style type="text/css">
        body {
            font-family: arial, sans-serif;

        img {
            border: none;

        #store-wrap {
            width:    770px;
            height:   auto;
            position: relative;

        #filter-wrap {
            width:            160px;
            float:            left;
            height:           500px;
            margin-right:     10px;
            background-color: #EBEBEB;

        #result-wrap {
            width:    600px;
            float:    left;
            height:   auto;
            position: relative;

        #pagination-wrap {
            width:  200px;
            float:  right;
            height: 20px;

        #prod-wrap {
            width:            150px;
            height:           170px;
            margin:           0 15px 15px;
            float:            left;
            border:           1px solid #999999;
            background-color: #CCCCCC;

        .prodimg-wrap {
            width: 150px;

        .prodimg {
            width:   100px;
            height:  100px;
            padding: 4px;

        .prodtxt {
            font-size: 11px;
            width:     130px;
            padding:   0 8px;

<h1><?php echo $query; ?></h1>

            <div id="store-wrap">
                <div id="filter-wrap">Filters<br/>
                    <a href="http://svcs.ebay.com/services/search/FindingService/v1?OPERATION-NAME=findItemsAdvanced&SERVICE-VERSION=1.11.0&SECURITY-APPNAME=3ballsgo-a9d3-449b-b24f-852e6033df35&GLOBAL-ID=EBAY-US&keywords=golf&paginationInput.entriesPerPage=12&categoryId=1513&outputSelector=AspectHistogram&itemFilter(0).name=Condition&itemFilter(0).value=Used">USED</a>
                <div id="result-wrap">
                    <?php echo $results;?>
                    <div id="pagination-wrap">Pagination</div>

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Please format your code properly. A code block is inserted by indenting 4 spaces before any line of code. I've formatted the code for you this time, but please format it properly next time. For further help, see the Editing FAQ –  Second Rikudo May 2 '12 at 16:49
sorry, i must have missed a couple of lines. –  Matt May 2 '12 at 16:50
what are you talking about? it's meant to return an XML, see the line $resp = simplexml_load_file($apicall); your asking for an XML format to be returned. –  mk_89 May 3 '12 at 21:59
i know that, but im not sure how to make filter the current results and return styled while keeping this in a single page –  Matt May 7 '12 at 14:46

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