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I have a subroutine that looks like this. It has two parameters.

Sub Advance(ByRef listR() As String, rCount)
End Sub

When I try to call this:

Advance listR:=theList, theCount

It gives me a compile error:

Expected: named parameter

Why is this? It works fine like...

Sub Advance(rCount)
End Sub

And called via:

Advance theCount

Or also works with just the array parameter.

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I believe that you can call your sub any of the following ways, but you can't name the first parameter and not name the second one:

Advance listR:=theList, rCount:=theCount
Advance rCount:=theCount, listR:=theList
Advance theList, rCount:=theCount
Advance theList, theCount

Call Advance(listR:=theList, rCount:=theCount)
Call Advance(rCount:=theCount, listR:=theList)
Call Advance(theList, rCount:=theCount)
Call Advance(theList, theCount)
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From MSDN:

When you supply arguments by a mixture of position and name, the positional arguments must all come first. Once you supply an argument by name, the remaining arguments must all be by name.

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+1 I was looking for it but could not find it. – assylias May 2 '12 at 18:07

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