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I am able to copy/paste from my guest (Ubuntu 10.10) into my host (OS X 10.6) using the standard shft-ctrl-c to copy anything highlighted on the screen. This works fine.

Also I can cat something.txt | xsel or cat something.txt | xclip and paste within Ubuntu fine. That works too.

What does not work: cat something.txt | xsel, then paste it in my host OS X.

Does anyone know why the "normal" clipboard copy works across guest/host OS's, but the command-line xsel and xclip copy techniques only work locally, not across OS's?

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Did you try the relevant options?

--primary   (-p)
--secondary (-s) 
--clipboard (-b)

If that doesn't help it sounds like an oversight on the part of the implementors of the Virtual Machine Additions for Linux guests. You might file a bug report at


You might try your luck with xclip instead

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Yep I tried all the flags, and xclip too. I'll fill out a bug report as you suggested. Thanks for the link. –  Magnus May 3 '12 at 15:46
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