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I am using Log4Net in a WPF app. I have it working where I am using the NotifyAppender to update a TextBox on my form. This comes in with the oldest on the top, newest on the bottom.

I need to reverse that and have the newest on top. I would also like to be able to "freeze" the updating of the view so that a user can scroll through the messages, and then be able to "unfreeze" it. Any messages that where "bufferred" can now be displayed. I'm assuming I need to capture the messages and place them in a collection, sort it, and then display them in the view but I'm not sure how to capture the messages.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

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You could consider using a MemoryAppender and access this somehow from your WPF application. I think however that you would be better of to write your own appender (Hint: Check out the source code of the MemoryAppender) and allow this appender to communicate more directly with your application (i.e. you could use a service locator in order to connect to a service that receives your log messages. This service in turn is used by your ViewModel (assuming you use MVVM) for populating your TextBox. This probably works best if you use some IoC container, but this is not strictly necessary.)

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