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Create Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) file from C#

How can I read and write Excel files in C#? I've already added the Excel Objects Library to my project, but I'm not getting a clear enough description of what needs to be done to access the files.

Please help me understand and, when explaining, please keep in mind I'm kind of new to this but I'm not a complete newbie. I study a lot, so I'm not totally ignorant.

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Basic Sample to Acess Excel files Here's a starting point. –  Pedro Ferreira May 2 '12 at 17:54
Wow u guys r fast this is great Pedro, Gracias/Obrigado ;) –  jitsuin May 2 '12 at 17:57

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I'm a big fan of using EPPlus to perform these types of actions. EPPlus is a library you can reference in your project and easily create/modify spreadsheets on a server. I use it for any project that requires an export function.

Here's a nice blog entry that shows how to use the library, though the library itself should come with some samples that explain how to use it.

Third party libraries are a lot easier to use than Microsoft COM objects, in my opinion. I would suggest giving it a try.

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Thank you Brad :) –  jitsuin May 2 '12 at 20:10
Dont forget on the condition that: "EPPlus is a .net library that reads and writes Excel 2007/2010 files using the Open Office Xml format (xlsx)." So .xls file will not work. –  Muflix Oct 29 '14 at 14:06

I use NPOI for all my Excel needs.


Comes with a solution of examples for many common Excel tasks.

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Thank you Paul :) –  jitsuin May 2 '12 at 20:10

You might also be interested in http://openxmldeveloper.org/

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Will check, thanks :) –  jitsuin May 2 '12 at 20:09

If you are doing simple manipulation and can tie yourself to xlsx then you can look into manipulating the XML yourself. I have done it and found it to be faster than grokking the excel libs.

There are also 3rd party libs that can be easier to use... and can be used on the server which MS's can't.

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Gracias LosManos –  jitsuin May 2 '12 at 20:09

You can use Excel Automation (it is basically a COM Base stuff) e.g:

Excel.Application xlApp ;
Excel.Workbook xlWorkBook ;
Excel.Worksheet xlWorkSheet ;

xlApp = new Excel.ApplicationClass();
xlWorkBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Open("1.xls", 0, true, 5, "", "", true, Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.XlPlatform.xlWindows, "\t", false, false, 0, true, 1, 0);
xlWorkSheet = (Excel.Worksheet)xlWorkBook.Worksheets.get_Item(1);

Link to the full tutorial

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Thank you Baget :) –  jitsuin May 2 '12 at 20:10
But you need office dll installed on the server. EPPLus direct reads and writes the file using OOXML which is really nice. –  ppumkin Sep 27 '13 at 10:09

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