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I need to link to sources on github from my scaladoc. I build those docs with the sbt's doc task.

There are two problems - first, I do not like creating several nested empty directories for my .scala files, so I usually pack them all in one - like src/main/scala/org.rogach.scallop instead of src/main/scala/org/rogach/scallop. Is there a way to make links to docs work without splitting that directory?

Second, when I put this line in my build.sbt:

scalacOptions in (Compile, doc) ++=

docs contain links to sources, but all those links just point to the source root url, not files themselves. What am I doing wrong?

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From the output of scaladoc help:

-doc-source-url <url>        A URL pattern used to build links to template
                             sources; use variables, for example:
                               €{TPL_NAME} ('Seq'),
                               €{TPL_OWNER} ('scala.collection'),
                               €{FILE_PATH} ('scala/collection/Seq')

(Yes that is the euro symbol.)

Something like the following should work as an argument to sourceUrl if all of your sources are defined in a package:€{TPL_OWNER}.€{TPL_NAME}.scala
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It almost worked - for all classes, names of which are equal to names of files where they are defined. But since I put several classes into the same file, this breaks :( – Rogach May 3 '12 at 5:13
I settled on using FILE_PATH and replacing the prefix of the project directory on my machine with sed expression. Thank you for your help! – Rogach May 4 '12 at 3:50
Yes, I didn't suggest that because it is difficult to get working correctly. See also – Mark Harrah May 4 '12 at 13:37

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