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I am trying to test my distributed lock implementation but I still haven't found a way to make it work. I deployed a REST service with two simple methods, like this:

public String lock() throws InterruptedException {
    Lock lock = distributedService.getDistributedLock("test");
    boolean result = lock.tryLock(5, TimeUnit.SECONDS);
    return result ? "locked" : "timeout";

public String unlock() {
    Lock lock = distributedService.getDistributedLock("test");
    return "unlocked";

The distributedService object implements the getDistributedLock() method:

public Lock getDistributedLock(String lockName) {
    return Hazelcast.getDefaultInstance().getLock(lockName);

In the hazelcast.xml file, I enabled TCP-IP connection and disabled everything else:

<port auto-increment="true">5701</port>
  <multicast enabled="false" />
  <tcp-ip enabled="true">
<interfaces enabled="false" />
<symmetric-encryption enabled="false" />
<asymmetric-encryption enabled="false" />

I deployed the application in the two machines, with IP adresses corresponding to the .xml file ( and and when I call the service from the browser It works for the first time (it locks and returns "locked") and everytime I call the unlock() method it returns correctly (I get the string "unlocked") but after the first time, everytime that I call the lock() method I get a timeout. It doesn't look like the unlock() method is unlocking it.

Can someone point me the correct way to use Distributed Lock with hazelcast?

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Only the thread that locked can unlock it. You are saying that you have implemented REST for lock and unlock. And I guess the thread that locks and unlocks are different. That's why it is not working. Try to print the Thread name and see yourself.

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Yes, that's correct. I improved my test methods and the threads were different. Thanks. –  Daniel Duarte Figueiredo May 2 '12 at 21:17
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When Hazelcast distributed lock doesn't work, try Redisson. It uses easy api and it works:

Config config = new Config();
Redisson redisson = Redisson.create(config);

// with any JVM in cluster
Lock lock = redisson.getLock("anyLock");

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