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I have 2 columns of data with numerical values as follows which is tab delimited format:

Si1     Si2

8,99691 7,495936
7,7164173   8,092645
4,4428697   4,298263
7,4302206   7,189521
5,897344    5,316047

To calculate correlation between these I wrote R code as follows:


But it shows error as follows:

Error in cor(int$Si1,int$Si2) : 'x' must be numeric

Can anybody tell me how to solve this?

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Here's a question that deals with using commas as decimal separators - stackoverflow.com/questions/6123378/… –  blindJesse May 2 '12 at 19:42

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To calculate a correlation between two vectors they must be numeric (numbers). You have commas in your data and so they are not numeric.

Are they meant to be there? This works fine:


returns [1] 1
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You'll need to write read.table("data.txt",sep="\t",header=TRUE, dec = ",") at least. Your data has comma as a decimal separator. R assumes a period (.).

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