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I'm using this Ruby code to receive errors from APNs on unsuccessful pushes:

if[ssl], nil, nil, 5)
    read_buffer =

I noticed a weird situation where is non-nil but read_buffer returns an empty string. After some debugging I realized that this happens if you connect to with a development APNs cert, and the same thing apparently happens if you connect to with a production cert.

Is there any way to programmatically detect that this is the case, e.g. if you're given a push certificate by a user and told it's production/development but can't actually verify that fact on the Apple developer site? I would have thought that the connection would be rejected, but instead it seems to be created but in a partly-broken state.

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Well, it is not a way to check if the cert is APNS valid, but you can inspect it if you want to detect whether it is a development or production one. The development will have the "Developer" string in it, whereas the production will have the "Production" string.

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One way is to open the certificate and check the subject, example:

require 'openssl'
def production?(cert_path)
  certificate =

For production certificates the subject looks like:

"Apple Production IOS Push Services:"

For development certificates looks like:

"Apple Development IOS Push Services:"
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