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I want to precheck multiple checkboxes after selecting a value from dropdown box and calling a valueChangeListener on dropdown box. Following is the code:

In JSF page:

<h:selectOneMenu id="roleName" styleClass="text" value="#{role.roleID}" valueChangeListener="#{role.processValueChange}" immediate="true" onchange="submit()">
    <f:selectItem itemLabel="--Select--" itemValue="--Select--"></f:selectItem>
    <f:selectItems noSelectionValue="--Select--" value="#{role.rolesVoList}" var="x" itemLabel="#{x.roleName}" itemValue="#{x.roleID}" />

    <h:outputText value="Notifications" styleClass="label" />
    <h:selectManyCheckbox id="notificationPrivileges" value="#{role.notificationPrivileges}" layout="pageDirection">
        <f:selectItems value="#{role.notificationPrivilegeMap}" />

In Managed Bean:

private List<RolesVo> rolesVoList;
    private boolean checkBoxSet = false;
    private List<Integer> notificationPrivileges;
    private Map<String, Integer> notificationPrivilegeMap;
    private RolePrivilegeVo rolePrivilege;

    public void processValueChange(ValueChangeEvent event) {
        messageHandler = new MessageHandler();
        int newValue = (Integer) event.getNewValue();
        try {
            rolePrivilege = roleService.getRolePrivileges(newValue);

        } catch (Exception e) {


getPrivilegeIDs() returns a list of integers. Form is being submitted and valueChangeListener method is being processed successfully but the checkboxes are not being selected after that. Please point me what i am doing wrong. Any help is really appreciated.

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Your code is hard to understand. The properties referenced in the view doesn't match the properties referenced in the model. It seems that your getters/setters have different method names than the property names. Please pay a bit more attention to this kind of inconsitenties in your future questions. –  BalusC May 2 '12 at 19:24
Oops, sorry i pasted the wrong variable. I have edited it. Sorry for not pasting complete code as it clutters the question. roleVoList is Map<String, Integer> for the labels and value of roles, roleID is an integer. Also i have tried using <f:ajax> but i am getting the same result and the checkboxes are not selected. –  gauravdott May 2 '12 at 19:45
Have you used the converter as explained in my answer? –  BalusC May 2 '12 at 19:47
Nope, haven't used it. I will try using it, right now i am not in office and don't have access to repository. I will let you know definitely whether it worked. Thanks again for your help! –  gauravdott May 2 '12 at 19:50
@BalusC I tried your suggestion but it didn't work. Here are the links to managed bean and view respectively. Please point out what am i doing wrong pastebin.com/4PyDk0zR pastebin.com/tYJh2CfQ –  gauravdott May 3 '12 at 19:20

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It fails because you didn't explicitly specify a converter for the <h:selectManyCheckbox>. You're using generified collections like List and Map. EL does not have any support for generics and interprets everything as String by default. This will fail on equals() tests to check if the item has to be checked or not.

As you're using Integer, you need to specify the javax.faces.Integer converter:

<h:selectManyCheckbox ... converter="javax.faces.Integer">

Unrelated to the concrete problem, you're using the old JSF 1.x hack of abusing the valueChangeListener with immediate="true" and onchange="submit() in order to populate another component. This is pretty clumsy and may fail whenever you're using validation anywhere in the same form. Rather use the new JSF 2.0 provided <f:ajax> tag. It will then look like follows:

<h:selectOneMenu id="roleName" styleClass="text" value="#{role.roleID}">
    <f:selectItem itemLabel="--Select--" itemValue="--Select--"></f:selectItem>
    <f:selectItems noSelectionValue="--Select--" value="#{role.rolesVoList}" var="x" itemLabel="#{x.roleName}" itemValue="#{x.roleID}" />
    <f:ajax listener="#{role.processValueChange}" render="rolePrivileges" />

    <h:outputText value="Role Management" styleClass="label" />
    <h:selectManyCheckbox id="rolePrivileges" value="#{role.rolePrivileges}" layout="pageDirection" converter="javax.faces.Integer">
        <f:selectItems value="#{role.rolePrivilegeMap}" />


public void processValueChange(AjaxBehaviorEvent event) {
    // ...
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Thanks for the pointer, i will be definitely using ajax. –  gauravdott May 2 '12 at 19:48

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