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How to custom format a number in SPSS, like putting percentages between parenthesis? Any help is appreciate. Thanks in advance.

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What type of output tables do you want to change? In ctable you have many options, but in others it typically takes a custom script. Also check out the modify tables python extension, you can do alot of different manipulations after the table is already generated. – Andy W May 2 '12 at 20:18

Ctables give you extensive control over output cell formats. Most other procedures use a combination of a variable's format and the type of output statistic to construct the format. If you use a custom currency format (defined via Edit > Options > Currency) you have a lot of control over the format.

With SPSSINC MODIFY TABLES, you can set a cell format using one of the custom functions included with the command. Here is an example.

SPSSINC MODIFY TABLES subtype="frequencies"
SELECT "Percent" "Valid Percent" "Cumulative Percent"
STYLES CUSTOMFUNCTION='customstylefunctions.SetNumericFormat(format="##.#%")'

The formats are referenced the way you see them if you double click a table, select a cell, and chose Cell Formats. This command selects column with the listed labels and changes the cell formats.

To run this command, you need to install the Python Essentials from the SPSS Community website. With V19 or later, this command is installed with the Essentials.

HTH, Jon Peck

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Thanks a lot. I think a slash is missing before the Keyword style: SPSSINC MODIFY TABLES subtype="frequencies" SELECT "Percent" "Valid Percent" "Cumulative Percent" /STYLES CUSTOMFUNCTION='customstylefunctions.SetNumericFormat(format="##.#%")'

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Yes, STYLES is a subcommand. FREQUENCIES var should end with a period as should the entire MODIFY TABLES command. – JKP May 7 '12 at 22:47

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