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So I want to access some resources in REST style. You give a url and it should return the output in xml. The URL is in the form of http://localhost:8080/myarea/[resource-name]. The [resource-name] can have special characters.

The issue I have is the special characters (@, #, % & etc.) work in some cases and not in others. The cases where it works are when the [resource-name] is f1$ and f1@. The cases where it does work are when the [resource-name] is @, f@, fb12#.

I don't know why this is behaving like this and what am I missing. I thought URLEncode.encode in java will handle all cases but it does not do so in the above cases.

Please help.

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Are you using any specific encoding or just URLEncode.encode(myUrl)? May be worth to try URLEncode.encode(myUrl,"UTF-8"). –  Greg Kramida May 2 '12 at 19:31
Yes, that's exactly what I have tried, also I am only encoding the URL parameters. –  Nik May 3 '12 at 21:31

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