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After the transition from version 2 to version 3 of Google Maps, the markers are no longer visible. I can not find the error! Can anyone help me? The offending page is http://www.lalpinistavirtuale.it/default.asp (below is a Google map where you should see about 200 clickable marker). Thanks in advance

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You're createmarker function is using "Gmarker" and in V3 you should be using "google.maps.Marker"

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In your initialize function, you have switched the first section of code over to v3, but you have some more work to do:

  • GSize(32,32) should become: google.maps.Size( 32, 32)
  • GPoint(16,32) should become: google.maps.Point( 16, 32)
  • GLatLng(44.1883535,7.41206386) should become: google.maps.LatLng( 44.1883535, 7.41206386)
  • GIcon creation should be refactored to use: google.maps.MarkerImage( url, size:Size, origin?:Point, anchor?:Point, scaledSize?:Size )
  • map.addControl calls should be refactored into: MapOptions properties as follows:

var mapOpts = {
    panControl:        true,   // First half of replacing GLargeMapControl
    zoomControl:       true,   // Other half of replacing GLargeMapControl
    scaleControl:      true,   // Replaces GScaleControl
    mapTypeControl:    true    // Replaces GMapTypeControl

Each of these controls have options that may be set; more details are at the v3 API Reference. You may have other v2 code that has to be refactored, but that's the lion's share. You are welcome :)

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