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I need a rich textarea in which we have the option to insert images from the local file-system and upload it to the server (also S3 - but it can done with a background task).

I am currently using tinymce but it does not have the feature to insert image from the local filesystem.

What can I use to get such a functionality?

NB - I am using PHP as the backend.

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CKeditor seems quite good. I used it some time ago and it developed since... You would have to buy CKFinder probably (for $59 per Website...)

... and then there are the TinyMCE Plugins for this that cost almost the same: http://www.tinymce.com/

If you are looking for a free plugin to TinyMCE or CKEditor with local file browsing google for TinyMCE and iBrowser, TinyFCK, Kae’s File Manager, Ajax File Manager, TinyBrowser. (I got the list from http://www.tyssendesign.com.au). I would go with the Tiny Browser or the Ke's Filemanager and keep TinyMCE because its already there (But Do have a look at CKEditor - its quite good and those two filemanagers can plug into it too)

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You are not the first to stumble over this problem. Have a look here for a brief overview over solutions.

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