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I have just spent some time installing TeXnicCenter and tried to configure it properly. I'm almost there now! The only issue I have is that every time I compile the document I'm working on as a PDF document, the document doesn't open directly in Adobe Reader X. Instead I only get the "opening screen" of Adobe Reader X to pop up, meaning that I have to choose "Open file" and navigate to the proper folder where the document is saved to view it. This is frustrating and time-consuming - especially if I want to check my progress often. Is there any way I can configure this so that Adobe Reader X automatically opens the file I'm compiling, without me having to navigate to the proper folder?

Any help will be truly appreciated!

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Since this question is TeX related, you might have better luck posting in http://tex.stackexchange.com, StackExchange's TeX site.

You should look into this question, pay special attention to the first two answers, they should work just fine.


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In Adobe Reader X, go to Edit -> Preferences, there in category general there should be a checkbox Enable protected mode at startup. Uncheck this, exit adobe and try again. Does it work now?

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