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I have this sql query..

select i.invoiceid as transactionid, i.date, i.total, 
'invoice' as transaction_type
from invoice

and I ran it in php and echo out the total in a foreach loop like so....

echo gettype($row['total']) . "<br/>";

and all the totals returned string

how would I convert the i.total in my sql query to int or float?

i've tried

convert(int, i.total)

and that didnt work :(

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2 Answers

php handles everything (that's not an array/dictionary) as a string unless you specifically tell it not to with something like (int)$row['total'].


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You could try

select i.invoiceid as transactionid, i.date, CAST(i.total as int) as total, 
'invoice' as transaction_type
from invoice
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This gives me an SQL Error(1064) –  user979331 May 2 '12 at 19:48
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