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I'm trying to make an iOS drive guide app that takes current localization and prints a route (on map) from user loc to some target point. Static route works great, but, when car moves (new user localization) I have a lot of real time variables to refresh the route (gps accuracy, car speed, problems with car course, etc). For instance, sometimes, user loacalization jumps from one point to other and, of course, route jump too.

Now I repeat this points for ever 1) I take user localization (if and only if accuracy is less than 50 mts.) 2) If user is not inRoute (I calculate this, but it can be improved) I looking for better target loc. 3) I send user localization, course and target localization to mapquest service. (I could send car speed but this seems not be better) 4) Refresh map with mapquest route.

Detected problems are: 1) gps course 2) gps accuracy sometimes is 50 mts :s 3) Mapquest change dramatically route for small course changes

How I can improve my logic for my application looks like a real time drive guide app? Any ideas? Thanks you Ps: Sorry for my English

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The best solution for my problem was use Kalman Filter, I found this C code I'm testing it, when I have finish

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