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I am working on an hardware interfacing project and building it on .net using c sharp.Here in this application i am receiving data from a serial port on hyper terminal.The data is receiving like a charm.But the problem is that it is giving me a data that is unable to read and is as follows

The data from hyper terminal is


And its meaning full form is as follows

Report of Sample no# 85865
WBC = 4.1x103/µL
RBC = 4.17 x106/µL
HGB = 11.3 g/dL
HCT = 34.2 %
MCV = -82.0 fL
MCH = 27.1pg
MCHC = 33.0 g/dL
PLT = + 404 x103/µL

LYM % = 20.0%
MXD % = 4.1%
NEUT % = 75.9%
LYM# 0.8 x103/µL
MXD # 0.2 x103/µL
NEUT # 3.1 x103/µL
RDW = 47.4 fL
PWD = 10.5 fL
MPV = 9.7 fL
P-LCR 22.5 %

I wanna ask how to covert the data that is in first form to the seconf readable form.Thanks Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Looks like fixed size format numbers concatenated together. Use String.Substring to cut into pieces and than convert to int and scale as needed.

Something like following, assuming value at position 20 "022030" that need to be converted into 22.030:

var fragment = result.substring(20, 6);
var intValue = int.Parse(fragment);
var outputValue = intValue *0.001; 
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