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EDIT: Since the original question is a bit vague, here's the use case I'm shooting for:

I'm trying to make a custom pin entry widget with these constraints...

  • Each character has it's own "box"
  • The length of the pin (number of boxes) is configurable with an xml attribute - this part I've done already
  • A box gets "filled" with an image resource I have instead of a character or a bullet-point like Android uses by default
  • The individual boxes should not be focusable; instead, the entire widget is focusable

To meet these design constraints, I'm extending LinearLayout and adding child views programmatically based on the pin length attribute I've defined. It goes without saying that I need to hold onto whatever the user has typed. My idea is to use a private EditText object internally, forwarding key events to it and and updating the UI by having a TextWatcher on the EditText.

Has anyone done something like this before? Anyone have tips on how to proceed?

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can you give a bit more info like what you hope to do with this? It seems odd to type text and not see the text. –  CrazyDart May 2 '12 at 20:13
CrazyDart: I want to make a customized pin code entry widget with boxes that aren't individually focusable. The boxes will be "filled" using an image resource. –  jdk May 3 '12 at 16:24

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Might be related to Custom Android pin code entry widget

Even though there is no complete answer available yet, it might point anyone into the right direction.

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