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I am writting a function that should find out first the dimension of space where input vectors are living. The orientation of vectors is unknown, so that it can be 1*ndim or ndim*1. I would like to find a beautiful one liner to do so. I tried this one, but this is not proper syntax:

 ndim = [max(n,p) for n,p in (n,p) = np.shape(X) if min(n,p) = 1]

btw, I also want to quickly check whether the little dimension is effectively 1.

Any idea?

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How about assert min(X.shape) == 1; ndim = max(X.shape) –  Bi Rico May 3 '12 at 6:21
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I think that the following fixes the errors in your expression:

ndim = [max(n,p) for n,p in [np.shape(X)] if min(n,p) == 1]

To quickly check if the smallest dimension is 1, use:

min(*np.shape(x)) == 1
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