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Assume, we've website which can be displayed in several languages. Name for each controller is rewrite to certain language. For example:

'kontakt<a:.*>' => 'contact<a>',
'uslugi<a:.*>' => 'services<a>
'<controller:\w+>/\w+,<id_body:\d+>' =>'<controller>/showBody/id/<id_body>' 

Url /kontakt redirect to /contact 'uslugi' to 'services' etc.

Ok, but I'd like to perform that result of parse also through the last controller so as to kontakt/some_irrelevant_title,5 was directed to contact/some_irrelevant_title,5

It is possible in some magic way to achieve that behavior?

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The CUrlManager module accepts regular expressions for the parameters. So use rules like these and just ignore the rule controller variable (c) in the path:

'<c:(kontakt|contact)>/<a:\w+>' => 'contact/<a>',
'<c:(uslugi|services)>/<a:\w+>' => 'services/<a>',
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