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Say I have model User and Pictures.

I can create a picture relevant to a certain user:

picture = user.pictures.create

Is there any way I can access the user instance on the creation of the particular picture?

eg. picture.author.should == user.name


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If your relationships setup correctly ie

class User
  has_many :pictures
class Picture
  belongs_to :user

you should be able to have

picture.user.name.should eq user.name
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I should have made it more clear, sorry. Author is a variable that will change over time in the Picture model, and is not related to the user directly. The following code works, but I am trying to figure out a better way: user.pictures.create(:author => user.name) Also note that its a many-to-many relation. So picture.user would not work. I want to store the first creator of the picture (ie. author) –  Karan May 2 '12 at 21:34

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