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I have time represented by a decimal number that I need to convert to minutes and seconds in Excel using VBA.

Example: The number before the decimal point gives the minutes as 0.197683577 (0 minutes) and the number multiplied by 60 gives the seconds = 0.197683577*60 = 11.86101462 (12 seconds) = 0:12

I know I could do this by copying and pasting into text format and separating the number to the left and right using text to columns of the decimal point and then add ":" in between but there must be a way to calculate this.

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Public Function FromDecimalTime(ByVal t As Double) As Date
  FromDecimalTime = TimeSerial(0, Fix(t), (t - Fix(t)) * 60)
End Function

Same with a formula:


Well, not the same actually. TimeSerial will round number of seconds according to rounding rules (11.86 -> 12), and TIME will truncate (11.86 -> 11). But you can apply a rounding function to its last argument.

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Thanks a lot! Since I wanted an integer for the minutes I used Fix(decim) & Format(val, ":ss") to get the proper format. I'm not sure if there is a time format code to generate this but it seems to work. 'Sub aaaaaaaMacro1() Dim decim As Double decim = Range("AB11").Value Dim val As Date val = TimeSerial(0, Fix(decim), (decim - Fix(decim)) * 60) MsgBox Fix(decim) & Format(val, ":ss") End Sub' –  user1371038 May 2 '12 at 22:06
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The VBA function didn't work for me but I found a workaround within Excel:


where W11 is time in the form of a decimal number like 900.3201306 The result is in minutes 15:00

Basically, you take the truncated decimal minutes minus the decimal minutes+seconds to give you seconds only. Then you take the decimal seconds * 60 to give you seconds+milliseconds. Round seconds+milliseconds to give you seconds. If seconds are 0 then "00". Then add the truncated minutes plus the seconds.

This formula seems to be working.

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