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We have built a large web application (one page) which creates many DOM elements. We start with a primary ExtJS panel and then load additional panels for the customer’s accounts (which are implemented as tabs in our application). As we add tabs, memory in IE8 increases at an alarming rate -- AND NEVER GETS RECLAIMED!

Sample Scenario: (with iexplore.exe memory as reported in WinXP task manager)

  1. Open the browser (30 MB)
  2. Open a customer and account #1 (199 MB)
  3. Open customer account #2 (257 MB)
  4. Open customer account #3 (323 MB)
  5. Close customer account #3 (333 MB)
  6. Close customer account #2 (338 MB)
  7. Close customer account #1 (338 MB)

When we close each account, we remove the ExtJS panel from the DOM. We verify that the panel object and its dependent hierarchy of ExtJS components no longer exist in the DOM. And we are setting all objects to null wherever possible.

So in the above scenario, the customer is still open with the primary ExtJS Panel, but we have closed all three of the customer account panels which originally allocated roughly 60 MB a piece.

And the result is that the garbage collector NEVER kicks in. Seems it only will kick in when we switch away from the application's primary JSP, which of course causes us to loose the DOM data and application state. So any solution involving quickly switching to http://about:blank and then back to app.jsp won't work.

Even if we just let the application sit, the memory doesn’t go down.

We cannot figure out how to get the IE8 GC to run. CollectGarbage() does nothing.

We observe the same problem in Firefox and Chrome, although both of the other browsers use less memory (esp. Chrome). Unfortunately IE is the corporate browser and it would probably take a year to get something like Chrome on our user's desktops in a large bureaucratic organization such as ours.

Is there a way to force the GC to run in IE8 (we could possibly move to IE9 or FireFox)?

So we are left with a really cool ExtJS app with lots of great controls and have written thousands of lines of code and we are not sure at this point how long a user can work the application before running it out of memory or crashing the browser.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. :-)

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This is probably a memory leak, rather than a collection issue. One might research known memory leaks for IE 8, perhaps run your page through dynatrace.com/en to see where the allocations are occurring. –  dwerner May 2 '12 at 23:26
Well, does thee memory actually go down again after you navigate away from your app? On thing that might help is to check all your event listeners, they should either be deregistered in destroy() or use .mon() to register them in the first place. –  Stephen Friedrich May 4 '12 at 10:59
Yes the memory goes down when we navigate away from the app. But it keeps growing until the browser shuts downs if we keep using it. –  Eric May 11 '12 at 16:03

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