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I'm trying to replace spaces with hypens on all image links in my markdown text files. The image syntax is as follows:

![image](Leadership-0910 Fulfilling the Vision-06-build-vision/06-build-vision-1.jpg "06-build-vision-1.jpg")

As you can see there are some hypens between words and some spaces. I need them all to be hypens. However, as the documents contain other text I only want to remove the spaces on the lines starting with ![image].... I am using osx (10.6.8) and textmate, which allows me to find and replace using regex.

At the moment I can easily find all the lines using ^((\!\[([a-z]*)\]\())

The problem I have is in how to replace the white spaces following with hypens?

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You could use Text→Filter Through Command (⌥⌘R) to pipe the text through sed:

 sed '/^!\[image\]/s/ /-/g'

Not sure how you'd do it in pure TextMate, though.

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